Actionable planning requires a holistic view


A portfolio shouldn't exist in isolation.


You should have a plan that takes your unique tax situation into account. 


Optimizing generational wealth transfers, legacy and charitable goals.

Cash-Flow Based Planning

  • Would a tilt to income in my portfolio increase my probability of success?
  • Is work optional?
  • How to I optimize for tax?
    • Should I convert to Roth IRAs?
    • When should I start my Social Security?
  • Would it be better to hold an asset to take advantage of it's basis stepping up as it transfers through my estate? 

Goals-Based Planning

  • How do I optimize my situation so that work becomes optional?
  • What do you want to accomplish with your Wealth?
  • What are my charitable goals and how to I maximize their impact?
  • How do I maximize the transfer of my wealth to my heirs?

Two keys for success:  1) Have a plan 2) Stick to that plan