There is always a reason not to invest

It's easy to find reasons to be fearful and not invest or stay the course. Identify this and working toward ignoring it is key to investment success.

In the last couple of weeks, we really focused on the issues with working with Wall Street. If you missed it, I'd highly suggest you go back and check them out. This week we're going to turn our attention back towards our pursuit of ignoring short term noise so that we can capture the returns markets provide. Expert investors know that they can't time the market. until you stop trying, the odds of generating returns are tilted against you. investors have always had reasons not to invest in stocks, or elements that gave them reasons to try to get out. not investing at all presents unique challenges with inflation and longevity. And those that have tried to get out rarely get back in at lower levels. There is constantly uncertainty in the world we live in and in our economy. If you look back at the start of each of the five prior decades, we can identify many reasons not to invest that are similar magnitude to what our current economy and global backdrop

contained. The column on the right shows the growth of just $10,000 invested from that point on. It's clear that investors who worry about what might happen in the short run will not likely participate in the return potential for stocks over the long run. We have no way of knowing what might happen in the short run for prices and docs. For true investors with proper time horizons. That doesn't matter. Ignore the noise, focus on the long run and your implementation efficiency.

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