Overview: RiskSmart Investing

Investors deserve better. High fees lead to extra risk. This forces investors to endure unnecessary downside. Extra downside increases the odds that emotional mistakes are made.

Low yields and low economic growth will likely lead to future investment returns that are lower than long-run averages. Investors will need to be more deliberate in how they build portfolios to avoid undesirable risk to achieve their goals.

The foundation of RiskSmart investing is FeeEfficiency. High fees force investment advisors and investment managers to invest in riskier investments to compensate for their fees. This added risk isn’t always obvious when investments are doing well, but can be a painful surprise when conditions worsen. At WealthFactor, our 0.35% fee is low, so there’s no need to venture into risky investments to generate return.

TaxEfficiency is often ignored and under-appreciated by the investment industry. At WealthFactor, we build unique portfolios for each client, then annually seek to minimize their overall tax liability.

Complexity and layers of management are friction to investment returns. Complexity requires more resources to manage, which in turn increases costs. Increased costs typically lead to increased risks in your portfolio. Thoughtful structure and intentional design can save you from making portfolio complication mistakes.

Layers add complexity and increase the cost. It’s common to see the ‘mass advisors’ try to pick and time funds that pick and time securities. Each layer makes it more challenging to understand and manage, and likely reduces your probability of success.

At WealthFactor, our RiskSmart methodology reduces complexity by using smart systems and processes to avoid picking, timing, and redundant layers of management.

Fee, tax and portfolio efficiency are the core elements of a RiskSmart portfolio. When used together they provide investors with a way to achieve their investment goals.

At WealthFactor, we developed our RiskSmart investment approach to maximize the probability investor outcomes will be successful. We use technology and process to create Portfolio Efficiency and increase TaxEfficiency; because of this, we improve your FeeEfficiency with our super low .35% management fee.

Get in touch today if you’d like to keep more of your money and discover how RiskSmart investing by WealthFactor can help achieve your investment goals.

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