WealthFactor: An Overview

WealthFactor is a fee-only, fiduciary wealth manager focused on making the management of wealth simple, accessible, and transparent.

We deliver personalized investing and holistic planning services that put your needs first.


In an industry built around the financial advisor generalist, we have reimagined wealth services by removing the parts that don’t work and reworking the parts that do.

Wealth services should be designed around you, not a financial advisor. Innovation in technology built for you, not us, is the key.

Through our platform, each client maintains their position as director of their wealth while our technology enables you to collaborate easily with our right-fit experts.

By cutting out unnecessary layers of people and processes, our clients have direct access to the expertise they need while maintaining control of their wealth.


We believe cutting out unnecessary layers of people, processes, financial products and complexity is the best way to minimize risk and maximize the potential for success.

We believe low costs reduce the pressure to recommend more risk in order to achieve financial goals.
We believe you should have greater access to real subject matter wealth experts if you need them.

We believe you should not be satisfied with a robo-advisor or a financial generalist and that when you pay thousands of dollars in fees for investment related services year after year, you should have a team of experts familiar with your unique situation supporting you



What we believe may sound really lofty and unattainable in an industry that doesn’t seem to work this way, but we’re forging ahead anyway, and rewriting the wealth services narrative in these three ways:

  • Simple: Layers of management and processes get in your way. We’ve replaced the financial advisor generalist with accessible technology and a team of experts.
  • Accessible: Connect with our experts when you need help in the areas where you need it the most. When you call or email you can expect a quick reply.
  • Transparent: As a fee only fiduciary we are acting for you and it’s our goal to make sure you know as much as you’d like about your wealth and the services you receive.

The result is holistic wealth planning and investment services backed by real wealth experts and robust financial technology, all at a base price of 0.68% on assets up to $2 million, 0.38% from $2-8 million, and 0.18% thereafter. Learn more about our services.


The human factor of WealthFactor includes a team of subject matter experts ready to help you organize your portfolio, strategize and plan for what’s ahead, and invest based on your right-fit amount of risk. Meet your team of Wealth Experts.

We are actual experts in our respective fields, not financial generalists. So the idea is you get your own right-fit team rather than trying to pick a single generalist advisor which generally ends up being a sales competition on the front end.

See, it’s this balance of “technology-guided” with the “white glove” comfort of knowing we’re here if you need us.

What Now?

You built your wealth and deciding to entrust the preservation of that wealth isn’t easy. With WealthFactor, you remain the leader and we want to support you to ensure its preservation.

So let’s talk.

Let’s see if our approach works well with what you need.

Schedule a time with us, to get your questions answered and to learn more about the difference you’ll experience with WealthFactor.

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