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Lake Oswego, OR, December 15th, 2020 – Initially founded in 2017 around its direct indexing and tax managed investment systems and strategies WealthFactor today announces the launch of its Digital Wealth Management services.

Leveraging its expertise in applying financial technology for investor benefit, WealthFactor is providing holistic wealth management services including an in-person team-based service experience.
Similar to what Tesla is doing to traditional auto manufacturers, WealthFactor believes the investment services industry has become outdated despite massive expenditures into technology. Most investment services businesses are fundamentally flawed and it will be very difficult to restructure in the way they will need to in order to reduce fees for their clients.
At its core, the industry has been built around middlemen salespeople and layers of management. These layers cost money leading to increased fees. WealthFactor has created an integrated, technology centric service offering that provides personalized solutions augmented with the in-person service investors need. WealthFactor’s 0.35% management fee is rooted in the belief that high fees force unnecessary complexity and risks.
Mr. Woodruff said, “Whether it’s trying to push an online only or unnecessarily expensive cookie cutter service through salespeople, the industry has a history of structuring for itself rather than for the needs of people. Through systems, automations and a reimagined way of doing business we can bridge the gap between technology and the unique personalized needs of the high-net-worth individual, business owner or family.”
Also adding, “Hyper-focused on efficiency we’ve built automations specifically for our integrated wealth management services. In contrast to the average adviser, we treat the time of our investment and financial planning experts like that of a professional consultant instead of a salesperson.”
About WealthFactor
WealthFactor is a Lake Oswego, Oregon-based digital wealth manager dedicated to helping investors avoid the unnecessary risks that are forced when overpaying for investment services. High-net-worth investors deserve more than what the online-only investment services can offer. WealthFactor investment systems are built around its RiskSmart and evidence-based approach to investing and set apart by our direct to senior investment and financial planning professional business model. For more information visit

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