What’s your number?

Stocks went up about 30% from March 23 to May 11. At the same time we had the seven-worst readings on initial jobless claims of all time and 37 million people lost their jobs.

If you can't forecast or predict the future what can you do to win at investing? 

Know your number.

What rate of return do you need to have a successful investment outcome? It’s a simple question that many people CAN’T answer accurately and yet it’s a critical - possibly the most critical aspect of building a successful investment strategy.

Not knowing what you need to earn in the way of return generally leads to some very risky investment decisions.

How? Because human nature will lead you to believe the answer (if you don’t already know it) is more…and the push for higher returns comes with more risk. More risk generally comes with more downside volatility, and more downside volatility tends to result in sub-optimal decisions based on fear and/ or greed.

The key to breaking the cycle is to know your number - and do your best to keep as close to it as possible. Don’t take more risk than you need to, to achieve your goals. With a firm understanding of your target return in mind, it’s much easier to avoid short term decision making based on information that may not be relevant.

The future is unknowable. What the stock market is going to do next week, month, or even next year is largely irrelevant if you plan on living any longer than that. Most people we work with are investing to build for or maintain a comfortable quality of life in retirement - a time period that is measured in decades, not ticks of a watch or pages from a calendar.

Know your number and ignore the noise being promoted by the financial media.

We help people who want advice from professionals who don’t get caught up in the day to day drama that most advisors fall prey to. We help ensure you make good investment decisions over meaningful time frames aligned with your goals.

If you are tired of getting ripped off by cookie cutter advisors selling expensive financial products give us a call. We leverage technology for the benefit of our clients. We cut out middle men with our direct indexing methodologies keeping our fees super low, in some cases as little as .25%.

“Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; but they tell you nothing about the future.” -Warren Buffett

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