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On February 13th we hosted our first open format Coffee Talk at Blue Moon Coffee in Lake Oswego. It was an engaging time with contributions and questions from the room. Here's a quick overview of what was discussed.

Our next coffee talk will be:

When: Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 0930 - 1100

Where: Blue Moon Coffee, 220 A Ave #100, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Coffee Talk at Blue Moon Coffee.

Join us for Coffee Talk, at Blue Moon Coffee in Lake Oswego.

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0:02 Hi, I'm Bill Woodruff, founder Chief Investment Officer WealthFactor. Today we're at Blue Moon Coffee, we hosted our first open discussion on global financial markets and investing. We started out talking about asset prices in general, that included real estate, gold, and it included equity markets. That transitioned over to a broad, open conversation about the investment advice service industry.

0:32 We had a participant that had recently parted ways with their advisor. So we had a really interesting story and perspective there in terms of their experiences, the services they received, the value that they perceived they were getting, and ultimately the reasons why they chose to part ways with what I would look at and classify as a dated way of thinking about and offering investment advice services.

1:03 I'll be hosting these open discussions weekly Blue Moon will continue to be the venue. The next one is on the 20th will get started at 930 and go to 1100. Feel free to drop in and take off as as your schedule permits. Hope to see you there.

About WealthFactor: A Lake Oswego based investment adviser and wealth manager serving local high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors. Founded on the idea that high fees force unnecessary risks when providing investment advice. By leveraging the investment methodologies of the largest passive and rules-based asset managers, WealthFactor seeks to pass on the benefits that efficiency provides through financial technology on to its clients. WealthFactor offers custom investment advice services conveniently through separately managed accounts in each investor’s name. For more information visit www.wealth-factor.com.

About Bill Woodruff: WealthFactor’s founder has been investing in publicly traded financial markets for over 20 years. His career includes founding an alternative investment manager, launching and managing a mutual fund and serving as a managing director of a publicly traded investment manager. With over a decade of experience serving high net worth investors Bill skillsets uniquely blend an understanding of investor needs with an extensive background in financial markets and investing.


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