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When I set out to build WealthFactor, I knew I had to be really clear from the beginning about who we are and who we aren’t - what we are about and what we aren’t about.

I knew, based on my industry experience and knowledge, that I’d be going against the status quo, pushing boundaries, and in many ways rewriting the narrative. And in doing so, I knew it would be a challenge to educate our followers, users, and clients on just how we are different compared to other options on the market - a challenge that is well worth our efforts.

So, here are the facts about WealthFactor. You can think of these as promises - that we will be who we say we are.


The current model of wealth management is this:

  • You work with an investment advisor.
  • That advisor isn’t a subject matter expert and often outsources specific work (like investing) to others - they act as a
    financial generalist, a middleman.
  • This outsourcing costs more money because there are layers of processes and people to pay for.
  • You end up paying 1% or more for their services.
  • To offset the cost of higher fees, your advisor recommends riskier investments and bets on them paying off.
  • The end result is higher cost, more complexity, unnecessary risk, and mediocre advice from your trusted partner. 

This is not simple! Or accessible. Or transparent.

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Instead, WealthFactor offers the following:

  • 0.35% fee on assets up to $10M, and only 0.10% after.
  • Robust technology that gives you the tools you need to manage your money well.
  • Plus, if you need help with more complex situations, you have access to REAL subject matter experts.

No extra layers, no extra fees, no unnecessary complexity. 

This is simple. And accessible. And transparent.

We believe…

  • low costs reduce the pressure to recommend more risk in order to achieve financial goals.

We are committed to… 

  • cutting out unnecessary layers of people, processes, and complexity.


Traditionally, wealth management technology and client services are built for the advisor, not for the client, meaning they are
designed to make the advisor’s job as easy as possible, rather than improving the client experience.

The robo/online experience isn’t much better. Although the tech is built for the DIY investor, it lacks access to expertise when your
situation gets too complicated to manage on your own.

The outcome of both situations is this - the client isn’t in control.

Instead, WealthFactor offers the following:

  • Technology built for you with free tools and resources.
  • Access to real wealth experts ready to help you organize your portfolio, strategize and plan for what’s ahead, and invest
    based on your right-fit amount of risk.
  • Additional help from our concierge team for establishing your accounts and answering questions you may have
    while navigating our platform.

We believe…

  • you should be the steward of your wealth and that we can help you preserve it - you’re in control, not us.

We are committed to… 

  • only charging you for services that you need or will use.
  • providing greater access to real subject matter wealth experts if you need them.
  • not making you choose between using a financial generalist or using a robo/online platform, because we do both better.

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Remember from Fact 1 that traditional advisors recommend higher risk as a way to offset their high fees? 

Well, in this model, risk is often also an afterthought - something that is just assumed to make enough return to make the client feel ok about the idea they are paying an “expert.” 

There is little consideration taken for how much risk you may be comfortable with or how much risk your financial situation can withstand. 

Instead, WealthFactor offers the following:

  • Focus on your risk from the beginning, even before considering financial goals or desired returns.
  • Determining your behavioral risk capacity (at what level of risk might you increase the chance of making an investing mistake).
  • Measuring your structural risk capacity (the level of risk your finances can withstand).
  • Investment advice and strategy formulated around your right-fit amount of risk, unique to you.

We believe… 

  • you should not take any unnecessary risk.

We are committed to… 

  • maximizing the potential for success.


These are the promises we make to our users and clients. These are the facts upon which I've built this company.

WealthFactor is doing things differently, not for the sake of different, but because it's the right way to steward in this industry.

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